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Southeast Michigan, Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Stink Bug Treatment

Stink Bug

How to Identify A Stink Bug Infestation?

Nothing stinks more than a Stink Bug problem–pun intended.

Stink bugs are not native to The United States. In fact, they are a relatively new arrival. They were first noticed in the early 1990s on the East Coast and just because stink bugs are not native, doesn’t mean they haven’t made themselves at home. Stink bugs have quickly become an invasive species in this region of the country.

It is likely that you have already seen a stink bug in your Detroit Metro and Ann Arbor home. They are about 5/8-inch long and have a shield-shaped body. Stink bugs are winged and mottled brown in color. A stink bug’s most defining characteristic is its bad smell when scared or crushed.

Stink bugs are not hard to spot. They tend to swarm in the spring and especially the fall. If you see stink bugs swarming towards light fixtures in your home, you may want to talk to a Stink Bug removal technician.

Why You Might Have Stink Bugs

Stink bugs do not enjoy extreme temperatures. They will try to seek shelter in cold weather and will also try to any relief from the heat. Protection from the elements typically comes from your home. Stink bugs are typically drawn to light sources. The heat and the light draw them near, but from there they may decide to hover all over your home.

Stink bugs eat plants. Stink bugs will likely seek out homes with interior gardens or plants. Stink bugs use a pheromone to alert others of a safe place to live meaning, one or two stink bugs can become dozens very easily.

Reasons to Treat Your Stink Bug Problem Immediately

Stink bugs are, well, stinky. Although they are not harmful to you or your pets, exterminating them from your home upon first detection is key.

If you’re experiencing a stink bug infestation in the Detroit Metro and Ann Arbor areas, call Guardian Pest Control to take care of your stink bug infestation. Stink bugs are just looking for a place to overwinter, so let Guardian Pest Control design a plan to suit your home’s age and vulnerabilities and keep as many stink bugs out as possible. Let the experts take control and give us a call today!

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Guardian Pest Control proudly offers a zero-obligation estimate in the Southeast Michigan, Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area. Our technicians will take the time and care to thoroughly explain the treatment options best suited for your particular problem. Our professional service is convenient as well as effective.

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